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Early morning at Hedgerow

Posted on by Anne Cox

The end of June and things are popping. A good soaking rain earlier this week, with warm temperatures and plenty of sun makes the garden grow. Potatoes are starting to bloom.

Heads of lettuce continue to impress me with their delicate beauty. Aside from the sweet taste (who knew lettuce was anything other than a carrier for salad dressing), they are lovely.

buoy and hydrangea

The climbing hydrangea that may one day eat the little garden shed completely is just starting its bloom.

view to barn beds

This may be the year that I am able to manage the grape vines a bit and get the archway in this passage between the shed roof of the barn and the garden shed going. I like the little passage.

entrance to woods

And on a hot sunny day, this passage into the woods is particularly inviting. I walk through here just to cool off.

astilbe under birch

At the end of that little woods walk, the astilbe in front of the hydrangeas under the birch are just starting to think about blooming.

janet blair rhodie

While the Janet Blair rhododendron is about through with its annual show. I still think this is my favorite rhodie, though I am mightily impressed with the pale yellow Capistrano rhododendron I saw in full bloom this year.

Mornings here are lovely.

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