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Dyeing wool for the next rug

Posted on by Anne Cox

Some people really like the process of dyeing wool. I’m neutral about it. I like magic of the process as the colors emerge. And I like the range of colors with the different shadings that I am able to get. There are some masterful dyers out there; I’ll never be one of those, but what I do works for me. Thanks to the good folks at Searsport Rug Hooking I learned enough to get along and do what I want.

If I am going to set up with the dye pots (old ones reserved for just this process) and take over the kitchen I’m going to spend all day at it. So yesterday was the day for the next rug.

I hadn’t even taken all of the wool out of the dryer before Emmett moved in to make a nest.

He had to find another place for a while while I folded my new stash so I could see what I have.

And here’s the pallet for the next rug. I think.

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