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During an ice storm

Posted on by Anne Cox

flame rug inprocessWe’re into our third day of an ice storm right now. Or not really a storm, more like a siege, with temperatures hovering around freezing and rain, or sleet, or freezing rain, or drizzle, or freezing drizzle falling. We have ventured out only as we have needed to with the dogs or to attend to the chickens. So what do we do? As long as the power holds (still on so far) I work on a rug hooking project and Julie knits. So far, she has finished one pair of socks and started on another.

bruceAnd we listen to audio books. This winter season we have been to Italy and England with Elizabeth George’s characters; we’ve spent time in the 12 dynasty of China with Guy Gavriel Kay’s River of Stars and we have just started listening to Inferno, by Dan Brown, which starts in Florence, Italy. Who needs to leave home to travel? And this way, even Bruce, the other cats, and the dogs get to go with us. In their own ways.

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