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Posted on by Anne Cox

mulch deliveryWe always stockpile bulk materials in late autumn, in preparation for the springtime rush while the roads are still posted against heavy loads. This year, by the time our road was no longer posted we were down to practically no mulch, loam or compost. This week we have been replenished. First the mulch, the fine aged dark bark mulch we like to use. I love the technology at work here, using a shuffle sort of conveyor system in the interior of the truck so it does not have to tip up to dump. Instead the material just slowly moves toward the door and drops out. Very slick. And kind of hypnotizing to watch.

compost delivery Then this morning first thing, the “Surf and Turf” compost we get from Benson Farm in Gorham. This is lovely, lovely stuff, black gold. The old fashioned way of dumping, but it works well.

Our site is a tough one to get into with the minimal clearances at the road to get in. And when we have had rain, particularly in the Spring, our nursery drive is rather greasy with mud where these large trucks have to maneuver. I am always impressed with how new delivery drivers size up the challenge and meet it, and how the returning drivers know exactly how to wiggle around our space.

In addition to the mulch and compost we also received deliveries of screened loam and peastone this week. Added to the fact that the weather is starting to seem a bit more like May at last, and we are on our way.

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