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Cats in the garden

Posted on by Anne Cox

emmettWe have four cats circulating about our grounds. Their primary designated task is rodent control, and they do a fair job of it. Then they have additional duties: garden accessories, greeters, scouts.

Emmett has a talent for being the perfect garden ornament. The perfection of the ginger cat, is what he says. I do love coming upon him tucked into one spot or another, usually with a quick get-away spot (i.e., he can dart under the barn in a trice from here).

stuartStuart, on the other hand, is generally more obvious. He tends to be our ‘greeter cat,” rather gregarious and happy to meet visitors to the shop and gallery. Yesterday I caught him taking time off for an herbal bath. Something about sun-warmed ledge and the smell of thyme with a hint of chives.

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