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After another weekend snow

Posted on by Anne Cox

So we just finished up the third February weekend snow storm. This time around seven or eight inches I’d say,of rather wet snow. But beautiful. How many witchazel photos do I have? I am just in awe of anything that is blooming in the snow. Not too far from the witchazel my sourwood is particularly […]

Stuart prefers fresh snow-melt

Posted on by Anne Cox

Stuart is one cat who doesn’t mind wading in water or being out in the rain even. Lately our weather pattern has been snow — and wind, oh the wind — on the weekend, followed by rain on Tuesday. Makes for a lot of runoff, melting snow, refreezing snow and rain and grand puddles. This […]

Snow art

Posted on by Anne Cox

There’s the hassle of digging out from a large snow storm and all of the threats the blizzard brings. And the not-so-minor fact that our furnace blower motor decided to fry during the storm. (Mr. Pipicello will be here soon with a new one!) But then there’s also quiet beauty afterward. And the mystery. Why […]

The Great Blizzard of 2013

Posted on by Anne Cox

Thursday afternoon I was startled by a Weather Service Emergency text message alert that came over the iPhone. First time that had happened. I knew a storm was coming and had spent the day getting ready. But a broadcast alert: serious I’d say. And this was a weather event that went precisely as advertised. It […]

“Wild” life in the snow

Posted on by Anne Cox

Ella and Maggie get frisky in the snow. Well. young Maggie is usually frisky, but Ella (not old, but more middle-aged respectable) gets crazy in new snow. Here we are on our morning woods walk. And Bruce. This is when all his extra insulation makes a difference. Not that he was slowed down at all […]

Yep, mornings are frosty now

Posted on by Anne Cox

Temperatures have gone up and down and we’ve had a few sprinklings of snow now and then. But it looks like things are starting to get frosty most mornings. Stepping outside most mornings is a sparkly treat, at least on bright and sunny mornings. And, I’m glad we have plenty of wood. While we have […]

Leaves before the storm

Posted on by Anne Cox

By all reports Hurricane Sandy is coming this way. And the wind is starting to pick up. I thought I’d get out and document some of the great autumn leaves left in the yard before they all blow away. Most radiant right now is the enkianthus off the twiggery deck. It is lit from within […]

After the deluge

Posted on by Julie Wortman

So maybe we had six to seven inches of rain in a day and a half. The land is super-saturated. Our walkway begs for koi. But this is why we have raised beds, or at least one reason: to stay above the floods when they happen. Particularly in the lower beds out in the nursery. […]

Rain gardens

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Is this what is meant by “rain gardens”? At least four inches so far today, I’m sure. Poodle girls like the canal. Well, the edge. And then inside the woods. Little wonder not much grows in here, with the wet-dry extremes. Glad to be inside most of the day today.