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Still winter

Posted on by Anne Cox

Winter continues to hold on. Rather tenaciously, given the -17 temperature this morning and the deep covering of snow everywhere. Some places we just have three feet, some places five, and then don’t even think about the huge mountains lining the parking areas and the drive through the nursery area. Nonetheless, before the last little […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

After the November 3rd snow storm, I mean, blizzard, the first order of business (after resurrecting the Coleman camp stove for boiling water for coffee as the electricity had been long gone) was to survey the damage. Yes, a big spruce topped out. And a couple of birch have been creamed and will need to […]

Wet snow

Posted on by Anne Cox

What a yucky snow/rain/sleet event we’ve had. There are many downsides to this sort of weather event. One I have to deal with is that heavy wet snow will collect on the chicken wire roof (there to exclude marauding hawks) and start to weigh it down. A lot. Stretching the elasticity of both the wire […]

Water world

Posted on by Anne Cox

There is a reason I choose plants for this area that can stand periodic flooding. Generally we get this sort of high water in April. But with the January thaw and accompanying rains we have had recently, we get to enjoy a January flood. And the thing about the January flood (as opposed to the […]

Winter scenes

Posted on by Anne Cox

This has been an up and down winter, with extremes on both ends. First a series of big snow storms. Then bone shatteringly cold, with the attendant freezing pipes and oil guzzling furnaces, followed by balmy foggy days of rain, which of course both melts and freezes the snow already on the ground. Currently it […]

During an ice storm

Posted on by Anne Cox

We’re into our third day of an ice storm right now. Or not really a storm, more like a siege, with temperatures hovering around freezing and rain, or sleet, or freezing rain, or drizzle, or freezing drizzle falling. We have ventured out only as we have needed to with the dogs or to attend to […]

Lots of snow

Posted on by Anne Cox

Last week I did a lot of shoveling: two snow storms of around 12″ each storm. The fun thing about big snows is how the landscape changes so dramatically. Colors, shapes, they all change. And until the sun comes out, all is muted and grey tinged with blue. I am certainly glad I managed to […]