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Rustic work begins

Posted on by Anne Cox

Rather than try to heat up the big barn this winter, we’ve packed up the gallery, which is much smaller and consequently easier to heat, and turned it into a workshop space for my rustic furniture. So I’ve begun. First up has been a multi-legged table (seven legs). It’s going to be a bear to […]

A screen and flowers for a wedding

Posted on by Julie Wortman

A question with outdoor weddings is often how to frame the couple couple getting married, to give some dimension to the vast outdoor space. Rather than a traditional arbor, this couple opted for an open screen. I made this rustic screen last week to stand behind them. And we added some Japanese maples and shrubs […]

Another rustic railing

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Last year I made a rustic railing for a bridge on a property where we work in Waldoboro. The owners liked it and asked for another one on a second bridge. After finding the right wood (cedar), I finally managed to make the railing this week. On the first day I only had enough time […]

Wood for benches and tables

Posted on by Julie Wortman

I took at trip to White House Lumber in Waldoboro yesterday. Actually, my father was with me, so the two of us went to pick up some hemlock boards that I had ordered. Zach White’s custom-cutting saw mill operation is on the Old Augusta Road off 220 in Waldoboro. I got some hemlock planks from […]

A busy day

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Yesterday was a busy day for the Hedgerow team. First, Laura, Joan, Novelle and Julie restored a perennial border, cleared a weedly patio and put the finishing touches on an extensive property whose owners are arriving this weekend. No photos of this transformation, but the team pulled it off! And had time for a maintenance […]

A wattle fence

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Yesterday in and around raindrops Joan, Novelle and I cut saplings and branches for a wattle fence. Today, Novelle and I, in and around raindrops, built the fence to go around a vegetable garden on Islesboro. Its purpose is to exclude rabbits as much as possible. So the veg. garden before the fence: We pounded […]

A rustic gate

Posted on by Julie Wortman

We built a raised bed garden earlier in the summer and protected it against deer with a wire fence all the way around. At last the rustic gate went in! Here Adam and Ingrid are finishing stringing the wire that surrounds the garden. From the inside of the garden the gates are clearly triangular at […]

Rustic gate

Posted on by Julie Wortman

We have been working with a delightful small orchard on Islesboro, that is a very magical spot in the middle of spruce woods. Deer are always an issue on the island, and in an orchard especially. We have a simple wire fence all the way around the orchard, but our clients wanted us to create […]