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Posted on by Anne Cox

The stewartia in the yard has started to bloom. Peak coverage is usually around Bastille Day. Each blossom does not last very long, but they do carpet the ground with the spent petals in a lovely wabi sabi sort of way. The rest of the year the bark of the tree and the seed pods […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

My new quince is blooming! It’s a Pineapple quince tree (Cydonia oblonga), not to be confused with the flowering quince shrub (Chaenomeles). I’m excited to have it, and am trying to figure out just where to plant it. I also have a new medlar seeking the perfect spot. I’d hoped to have three different quinces, […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

Now that’s a tree peony. The blossom was more than six inches across. And delightfully fragrant. Lovely. Delicious. So we have this sort of fun, obviously planted, imported plant to enjoy. I have these as cut flowers just now because I had to move the tree peony from where it was clearly quite happy. Always […]

Flowers are about to pop

Posted on by Anne Cox

One ray of sunshine and all the buds on the crabapples will explode. That will be an awesome moment. At the same time the row of pleached apples should put on their show. Just one drop of sun, that’s all we need. And the last bed of tulips, this time, all peach and pink tones, […]

More plant deliveries

Posted on by Anne Cox

The annuals arrived yesterday! The two women who delivered the plants, from The Flower Company in Kittery, were as much a ray of sunshine as the plants. They were also part of the team that grew the plants, as a result, their keen eyes caught one (out of hundreds) plant that was injured slightly in […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

I had heard about the horrors of the bronze birch borer, but this week was my first knowing encounter with the beasties. We noticed these ridges just under the outer bark of quite a few paper birch we planted last year. “What are these?” the homeowner asked. “Is this the way the bark is supposed […]

Perennials for the nursery

Posted on by Anne Cox

Yesterday we received the first of the season’s deliveries from Van Berkum Nurseries in New Hampshire. We like their range of well-grown perennials, especially their “Wicked Ruggeds,” hardy plants that do particularly well in New England. They are also nice folks to work with. Mike, one of their regular drivers, is a watercolor artist. While […]

Skunk cabbage

Posted on by Anne Cox

I had just made a delivery of loam to a particularly tight spot, surrounded by wet, marshy land when a flash of skunk cabbage caught my eye. Bright jewels in the middle of grey, brown, tan yuck. In a bit the huge leaves will open up all the way, and everything around them will turn […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

The tulips in the hoop house are now coming on. They are beautiful. this is a blend of three different rose/pink colored tulips. Long stemmed, large French tulips. They were spectacular last year and I expect not to be disappointed this year. I just picked a dozen that are waiting on the porch for a […]