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Posted on by Anne Cox

Ten pounds of seed ginger arrived from Biker Dude, of Puna Organics in Hawaii. I like that the box said “keep from the cold” as it leaned up against the outside door with temperatures just below freezing. But not to worry. The ginger was fine. This will be the fourth year I’ve presprouted and grown […]

Early morning at Hedgerow

Posted on by Anne Cox

The end of June and things are popping. A good soaking rain earlier this week, with warm temperatures and plenty of sun makes the garden grow. Potatoes are starting to bloom. Heads of lettuce continue to impress me with their delicate beauty. Aside from the sweet taste (who knew lettuce was anything other than a […]

Blooming trees

Posted on by Anne Cox

The crabapples were at peak beauty yesterday. In the morning a little less than half of the buds had popped open, and by afternoon I think they all were open, or at least 90%. I still miss the fourth in this line. Early on after I’d planted them it just gave up the ghost. So […]

Hints of spring

Posted on by Anne Cox

The first crocus are starting to peer through the winter debris. This is why I plant crocus. I wish I could remember in the Fall to plant some snowdrops as well, because those might even show up earlier. What a welcome sign, even though the ground was crusty with a thin layer of ice this […]

A butterfly and hummingbird garden

Posted on by Anne Cox

We have been helping the owners of this house develop their gardens for several years now. The plantings are all geared toward nectar plants for butterflies and hummingbirds. And it’s working: the place was alive when I was there last week.This is a different, more cottage-y style than I tend to work in, so it […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

The stewartia is in full bloom, which means the spent blossoms are carpeting the ground beneath the tree. They look like a mess of frilly fried eggs tossed on the ground. This is a very satisfactory tree, one that I was hoping would manage well in our climate, and it has grown admirably during the […]

Working the field

Posted on by Anne Cox

It’s starting to work! Last year we started working the field at Mosquito Head, tilling it and seeding it with various grasses and wildflowers. ┬áIt didn’t look like much for most of the year as everything was growing. But this year, we have some of the wildflowers and the grasses. Yay. Earlier we had a […]