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A finished project

Posted on by Anne Cox

This Spring we tackled a redesign of a landscape. Jon Smith of Rockers brought in boulders and did the earthwork for us, we moved shrubs, removed shrubs, added plants. While the plantings are still new and will take a few years to settle in and fill out, the bones are in place. One of the […]

How we spent Memorial Day

Posted on by Anne Cox

Memorial Day dawned sunny and bright, the first non-rainy day in a what seemed like forever. So we went to finish a job that we’d delayed on account of the monsoon. One of the tricks of the day was engineering a way to move about eight yards of mulch to the lower levels of a […]

What we do in the rain

Posted on by Anne Cox

A rainy, wet day is a good day for transplanting perennials. When the rain let up a bit, the girls (Ella and Maggie) joined us to supervise. And to be intrigued by Ingrid’s blond hair. Note that the poodle-girls chose the highest point. Of course the rock is dry, but one thing I’ve noticed about […]

Midway on a spring project

Posted on by Anne Cox

We have finished most of the destruction phase of this project, namely ripping out most of the plant material that was on the site. And Jon Smith of Rockers has started the construction of a rock garden that will emulate the surrounding landscape. One of the things that came out of this area was rugosa […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

With three of us working on the retaining wall and an unseasonably warm November day, we almost completely finished the retaining wall that had to go in before the deck to the house was built and before the leach field could be put in. Thank you John and Mikey. (And Chip for a few very […]

What I did this weekend

Posted on by Anne Cox

This weekend I finished the retaining wall. It’s a bit of a sprint to get through this project before everything freezes up. Today that wall gets backfilled. And we start on the second retaining wall, this one by the deck, in part to retain the toe of the new leach field that goes in as […]

Working with an old quarry site

Posted on by Anne Cox

An interesting project came our way this Fall. New owners are renovating a house by the water and in the process, want to reconfigure the landscape around the house to create more usable outside space. The nifty thing about this site is that it was a small quarry site. So there are some wonderful moss-covered […]

A rock wall

Posted on by Anne Cox

Recently I have been working on two rock projects. This one was to reconstruct, or actually, to construct, a retaining wall that keeps water from running onto a leach field. Doug Gammon with his excavator helped level out and move the large boulders on site. Then I worked at filling in with the medium and […]

Marsh walk

Posted on by Anne Cox

Today was a crisp clear Fall day after our first hard frost of the season. Julie and I took the dogs for a walk behind the building that will be the new town library, to the town marsh. Wow. What a lovely spot. Interesting criss-crosses on the rocks. Maybe different glaciers sliding by. And then […]