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A minor miracle

Posted on by Anne Cox

What an impossible project this one on Vinalhaven Island seemed. The building was sitting on a pile of rubble among ledge. The rubble rocks had been brought in to build a road and work pad for the construction. All of the native sod had been stripped out and piled up in big chunks around the […]

Working until we can’t

Posted on by Anne Cox

We have a landscaping job in Tenants Harbor that has been a long time in the planning process. We were able to get started on some earthwork and some planting this Fall. And now, Jason Turnbull and friends, of Inca Stone Work, are pressing on with some of the rock work for the project. They […]

Settling a new house back in

Posted on by Anne Cox

Building a new home always, always entails disturbing the land. Even with this project here in St. George where very little of the site was disturbed during construction, there still was an apron around the house that needed to be softened. Probably this is one of my favorite sorts of projects: how to blend and […]

A project in Hope

Posted on by Anne Cox

We have just finished a project in Hope. The task was to create an entrance to the house and an area for perennials. The site has lovely long views down toward Alford Lake, but is also very exposed and windy. And now for a few of the details involved in the project. First there were […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

We always stockpile bulk materials in late autumn, in preparation for the springtime rush while the roads are still posted against heavy loads. This year, by the time our road was no longer posted we were down to practically no mulch, loam or compost. This week we have been replenished. First the mulch, the fine […]

What we’ve been up to this month

Posted on by Anne Cox

I have the chance to work with Jon Smith of Rockers on another project this year. We did not get started until well into October and are just now finishing. The project entailed creating a two-tiered terrace for an addition to a nearby home and in the process changing the orientation of how the family […]

A butterfly and hummingbird garden

Posted on by Anne Cox

We have been helping the owners of this house develop their gardens for several years now. The plantings are all geared toward nectar plants for butterflies and hummingbirds. And it’s working: the place was alive when I was there last week.This is a different, more cottage-y style than I tend to work in, so it […]

Making a garden on the hottest days

Posted on by Anne Cox

We started with this scene on Monday. Monday, the day when temperatures and humidity were both above the 90 degree mark, even here on the midcoast. And no breeze until much later in the afternoon. It was hot. Ingrid, Mikey and persevered and cleaned out this wild garden area that had been sown with wildflower […]

Working the field

Posted on by Anne Cox

It’s starting to work! Last year we started working the field at Mosquito Head, tilling it and seeding it with various grasses and wildflowers. ┬áIt didn’t look like much for most of the year as everything was growing. But this year, we have some of the wildflowers and the grasses. Yay. Earlier we had a […]