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Posted on by Anne Cox

We always stockpile bulk materials in late autumn, in preparation for the springtime rush while the roads are still posted against heavy loads. This year, by the time our road was no longer posted we were down to practically no mulch, loam or compost. This week we have been replenished. First the mulch, the fine […]

Spring work

Posted on by Anne Cox

Good news this spring is that Adam Fearing has returned from California to work with us for three months. His first project has been at Hedgerow, constructing the patio between the new greenhouse and the upper hoop house. In three days he had it together, using rocks we had on hand. This is a nice […]

Water world

Posted on by Anne Cox

There is a reason I choose plants for this area that can stand periodic flooding. Generally we get this sort of high water in April. But with the January thaw and accompanying rains we have had recently, we get to enjoy a January flood. And the thing about the January flood (as opposed to the […]

Winter scenes

Posted on by Anne Cox

This has been an up and down winter, with extremes on both ends. First a series of big snow storms. Then bone shatteringly cold, with the attendant freezing pipes and oil guzzling furnaces, followed by balmy foggy days of rain, which of course both melts and freezes the snow already on the ground. Currently it […]

Lots of snow

Posted on by Anne Cox

Last week I did a lot of shoveling: two snow storms of around 12″ each storm. The fun thing about big snows is how the landscape changes so dramatically. Colors, shapes, they all change. And until the sun comes out, all is muted and grey tinged with blue. I am certainly glad I managed to […]

Yuletide weekend

Posted on by Anne Cox

The annual “Yuletide in St. George” event was this past weekend. The tenth year, at that. The St. George Business Alliance (formed this past winter) was involved in the Yuletide event this year, and that added more energy to this peninsula-wide happening. From Tenants Harbor to Port Clyde, our normally seasonal shops were open. There […]