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Posted on by Anne Cox

First we have a mysterious blob in the pleached apples. Turns out a young porcupine has decided the apples are tasty treats. Great. We have everything a little porcupine — which is quite cunning and cute up close — would want: old apples, lots of good bark, sheds to hide under, and who knows what […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

After the November 3rd snow storm, I mean, blizzard, the first order of business (after resurrecting the Coleman camp stove for boiling water for coffee as the electricity had been long gone) was to survey the damage. Yes, a big spruce topped out. And a couple of birch have been creamed and will need to […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

During the summer months we get all sorts of visitors to Hedgerow. It’s a delightful, lively time. Elizabeth is spending the summer in Port Clyde, and wrote about us in her blog, Stixandstonezblog. (For some reason I can’t create a direct link to her Hedgerow posting here, but the web address works to get to […]

Flower show day

Posted on by Anne Cox

Yesterday was a day of vegetation and flowers. While the morning market, along with the first fennel (who knew it would be wearable), was going on, about thirty people brought their flower arrangements to the gallery for the first Martinsville Flower Show. Perhaps first annual, as it was a lot of fun. And what creativity! […]

Early morning at Hedgerow

Posted on by Anne Cox

The end of June and things are popping. A good soaking rain earlier this week, with warm temperatures and plenty of sun makes the garden grow. Potatoes are starting to bloom. Heads of lettuce continue to impress me with their delicate beauty. Aside from the sweet taste (who knew lettuce was anything other than a […]

Blooming trees

Posted on by Anne Cox

The crabapples were at peak beauty yesterday. In the morning a little less than half of the buds had popped open, and by afternoon I think they all were open, or at least 90%. I still miss the fourth in this line. Early on after I’d planted them it just gave up the ghost. So […]