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Posted on by Julie Wortman

This year we are experimenting with growing ginger in one of the hoop houses. Yes, we hope to have fresh ginger in a few months. For six weeks the tubers have been “pre-sprouting” in the greenhouse. I had to wait for the soil temperature to be above 55 degrees, and yesterday morning it was at […]

Shitake farming

Posted on by Julie Wortman

I’ve started small-scale shitake farming! Our friend Betsy had some fresh oak logs from a big oak tree in her yard that was starting to die and had to be taken down. A perfect opportunity to start some shitakes growing (as shitake means “oak” in Japanese, so this is what these particular mushrooms like to […]

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Market day

Posted on by Julie Wortman

What a day Saturday, July 2 was. A perfect summer day. And a lively day at the Hedgerow market. Our neighbor, Noah Bly, finished the railing into the barn, so this was the first Saturday we had a railing for those who needed it. (The railing lifts up out of channels, so we can remove […]

First Saturday market

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Saturday, May 28 was our first Saturday morning market at the Hedgerow barn. In spite of the cool (we had a fire going), grey and damp weather, it was a wonderful morning. Green Bean catering had delicious food. I had a piece of this strada for breakfast. Wow. We had eggs, lettuce and arugula on […]

Signs of late summer

Posted on by Julie Wortman

The harvest has started. Since yesterday was a “rain day” (The first in a very long dry time.) I stayed in and made and canned two batches of salsa and then canned the remaining tomatoes I’d picked. The Cherokee Purple tomatoes are particularly spectacular this year. I’ve pulled all of the potatoes and have baskets […]

End-of-season celebration

Posted on by Julie Wortman

We had a terrific meal last night at In Good Company in Rockland to mark the end of the gardening season and to celebrate a good year of work. Thank you, Melody. Here is most of the Extreme Gardening 2009 team

A Local Thanksgiving

Posted on by Julie Wortman

We’ve been trying to eat more and more locally, growing our own vegetables, keeping chickens for eggs, buying grass-fed beef from Island Farm in Avon, Maine and pork and roasting chickens from Village Farm in Freedom, Maine. In keeping with this effort, we decided to have as local a Thanksgiving meal as possible.