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Posted on by Anne Cox

This is the first year that we’ve had any grapes to speak of. I still haven’t managed to trellis the vines on the barn and various out buildings the way I plan to, but I have started pruning them. Next year, the trellising…. Meanwhile, these growing on the corner of the barn were delicious. Most […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

You know its August when investigating whether or not the peaches are ripe (some are!) you find grapes growing in the peach tree. Who knew the grape had made it this far in the wild hedgerow that shields the dogyard from the road. A ladder will be in order, both for the peaches this week […]

Glass-fronted fridge!

Posted on by Anne Cox

Last week India and John spent all day going to look at used glass-fronted fridges. They brought this one back! It will be perfect. And no, we’re not going into the Arizona Tea business. A little bit of paint and creativity and it will become a Hedgerow/Green Bean fridge. By May the barn will be […]

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Posted on by Anne Cox

So I grew Duborskian rice this year, 92 plants to be precise. It’s an “upland” rice, so doesn’t need to be flooded, just kept moist. All the plants grew very well and the patch was fun to watch. I decided to cut the rice just before some heavy rains were predicted. For such a small […]

Preserving ginger

Posted on by Anne Cox

The ginger I’ve been coddling all season in the hoophouses is at peak harvest. Last week I pulled 12 pounds out of the ground, with much more to come. Beautiful baby ginger. As it is baby ginger it won’t keep the way mature ginger roots do. So I’ve started preserving it. The candied ginger is […]


Posted on by Julie Wortman

There are always a few first figs before the main crop. So good. Not to worry, there are plenty of figs waiting to ripen. Now that’s a harvest to look forward to!

Market day

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Our market featuring Hedgerow’s produce and Green Bean’s prepared food opened this week. Our hours this summer are Thursdays, 4-6 p.m. and Saturdays, 9-12 a.m. We started the morning with picking and washing produce. Thanks to Ruth Ann for getting up early to help on Saturday morning. John put the finishing touches on Green Bean’s […]