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Flower show day

Posted on by Anne Cox

Yesterday was a day of vegetation and flowers. While the morning market, along with the first fennel (who knew it would be wearable), was going on, about thirty people brought their flower arrangements to the gallery for the first Martinsville Flower Show. Perhaps first annual, as it was a lot of fun. And what creativity! […]

Blooming trees

Posted on by Anne Cox

The crabapples were at peak beauty yesterday. In the morning a little less than half of the buds had popped open, and by afternoon I think they all were open, or at least 90%. I still miss the fourth in this line. Early on after I’d planted them it just gave up the ghost. So […]

Clivias in bloom

Posted on by Anne Cox

The clivias in the house are blooming their little hearts out right now. This is the first year I have had five stalks of blooms going at the same time; hence, this is the first year I have noticed the fragrance. Really nice to walk by and pick up a waft of lily-like scent. Not […]

Hints of spring

Posted on by Anne Cox

The first crocus are starting to peer through the winter debris. This is why I plant crocus. I wish I could remember in the Fall to plant some snowdrops as well, because those might even show up earlier. What a welcome sign, even though the ground was crusty with a thin layer of ice this […]

We mourn the passing of Chambliss

Posted on by Anne Cox

Today we learned that our friend, Chambliss Neil, died in the wee hours of the morning. Too soon, it seems, we know. We will miss her in many many ways. Conversations about everything from Middle Eastern politics to the rhododendrons in her yard. Questions about what plant to go where. An insatiable (seemingly) desire for […]

Another bride’s bouquet

Posted on by Anne Cox

Kate needed a bouquet for her wedding yesterday afternoon. Outside at Marshall Point Lighthouse. She would be wearing a long white dress (traditional) and, as it turns out, sparkly white high top sneakers (non-traditional). He would be wearing slacks and a nice burgundy dress shirt. Could I come up with something? Am I ever glad […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

This is the first year that we’ve had any grapes to speak of. I still haven’t managed to trellis the vines on the barn and various out buildings the way I plan to, but I have started pruning them. Next year, the trellising…. Meanwhile, these growing on the corner of the barn were delicious. Most […]