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Posted on by Anne Cox

Yesterday afternoon, in the bright cold sun of the Ides of March, we took a walk around Mosquito Head, something we hadn’t done for a while. Ella ruled the rocks and was impatient when we dawdled too long. Maggie was pretty happy scrambling over the rocks as well. Who knew that mini-poodles are actually part […]

Marsh walk

Posted on by Anne Cox

Today was a crisp clear Fall day after our first hard frost of the season. Julie and I took the dogs for a walk behind the building that will be the new town library, to the town marsh. Wow. What a lovely spot. Interesting criss-crosses on the rocks. Maybe different glaciers sliding by. And then […]

Rockland breakwater

Posted on by Julie Wortman

My sister, Kay, and niece, Hannah have been visiting. We went out to the Rockland breakwater one of the days they were here. I spent most of my walk on this bright sunny day looking at shadows and rocks. circles and lines. Sometimes it’s the big picture; sometimes, the small. We didn’t get all the […]

Mid-July market

Posted on by Julie Wortman

This time of year the harvest is starting to really roll in. The first of the blueberries are delicious. The microgreens continue to be snatched up each market day. The difference between the two types is that Zip! has mustard greens and cress added to the mix, and the Savory has arugula and sorrel instead. […]

Fourth of July

Posted on by Julie Wortman

We live in a great spot here in Martinsville. With nice, friendly neighbors. Periodically one or another hosts a party, usually potluck of some sort. Today, it was a fourth of July celebration at the Rasmussens’, mainly outside, though rain threatened periodically. Conversation and food, and an awesome view across their field out to the […]