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Posted on by Anne Cox

During the summer months we get all sorts of visitors to Hedgerow. It’s a delightful, lively time. Elizabeth is spending the summer in Port Clyde, and wrote about us in her blog, Stixandstonezblog. (For some reason I can’t create a direct link to her Hedgerow posting here, but the web address works to get to […]

Flower show day

Posted on by Anne Cox

Yesterday was a day of vegetation and flowers. While the morning market, along with the first fennel (who knew it would be wearable), was going on, about thirty people brought their flower arrangements to the gallery for the first Martinsville Flower Show. Perhaps first annual, as it was a lot of fun. And what creativity! […]

Fast work

Posted on by Anne Cox

Adam and Hannah had two hours, three additional hosta, some mulch, and one stone birdbath to use to clean up these beds in front of the new gallery in Port Clyde next to the Ice Cream Store. The new tenants wanted a nice entry to their venture. Every winter the snow plow re-arranges the rocks […]

Launching Ty’s boat

Posted on by Anne Cox

Two years ago we saw the fiberglass hull for this boat go up Ridge Rd. to the boat barn that Ty Babb had built to work on it. I don’t know much about boats other than what I observe living in this fishing community, but even I could see this was a big boat. It […]

We mourn the passing of Chambliss

Posted on by Anne Cox

Today we learned that our friend, Chambliss Neil, died in the wee hours of the morning. Too soon, it seems, we know. We will miss her in many many ways. Conversations about everything from Middle Eastern politics to the rhododendrons in her yard. Questions about what plant to go where. An insatiable (seemingly) desire for […]

Yuletide weekend

Posted on by Anne Cox

The annual “Yuletide in St. George” event was this past weekend. The tenth year, at that. The St. George Business Alliance (formed this past winter) was involved in the Yuletide event this year, and that added more energy to this peninsula-wide happening. From Tenants Harbor to Port Clyde, our normally seasonal shops were open. There […]