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Brussels sprouts

Posted on by Anne Cox

A sure sign that Fall is arriving (as if the cooler temperatures and the geese in the background and shorter days weren’t signals enough) is that the Brussels Sprouts are heading up. There are some tasty treats ahead. This year I am trying three different varieties, though I can’t remember the names of any of […]

That’s some tomato

Posted on by Anne Cox

I was waiting for Aunt Ruby to get that perfect blush of pink on green that indicates ripeness. I knew this was a large tomato on the vine — a vine that is laden with other hefty fruits. But 1.8 pounds! That’s a big girl. I’m not sure how this one tastes as I gave […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

You know its August when investigating whether or not the peaches are ripe (some are!) you find grapes growing in the peach tree. Who knew the grape had made it this far in the wild hedgerow that shields the dogyard from the road. A ladder will be in order, both for the peaches this week […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

I have been enjoying growing microgreens this year. And eating them! And I’ve begun to figure out a pacing for sowing the seeds so we can have a steady supply for our market, though the demand is growing and I may have to expand production. I am in a rotation of starting flats every weekend […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

Who knew baby watermelons were fuzzy? So far there are three little melons started in one of the hoophouses. I’ve not grown melons before, so I am quite hopefully we’ll get some treats from these, but I am a bit curious about how many I’ll get. These seem to put out quite a bit of […]

In the hoophouse

Posted on by Anne Cox

When Julie went to Johnny’s Seeds to getting our potting soil she also came back with a new tool. I’ve been wanting a broadfork for a while, thinking it would be a much easier way to turn the soil in our raised beds than shoveling. Wow! What a great invention! What took so long? The […]