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I passed!

Posted on by Anne Cox

There is a new requirement (as of April 1 of this year) in the state of Maine that agricultural producers who sell more than $1000 of produce must be licensed by the Maine Board of Pesticide Control. It does’t matter if you use only organic practices, the size of your operation, anything. You have to […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

We are in full harvest mode here on the farm side of things. The artichokes are wonderful. Out of ten plants only one has chosen not to flower. Thus far we have harvested about twenty artichokes and I expect up to thirty more. Next year: twenty plants! The tomato hoop house is full, with the […]

Squash soon

Posted on by Anne Cox

Soon and very soon we will have summer squash. And patty pan squash and zucchini. Peppers are forming up in the hoop house, and the first eggplant are ready with more to come. The first sungold tomatoes from the greenhouse are sweet nuggets, and the rest of the tomatoes are growing and setting fruit. Peas […]

Wet snow

Posted on by Anne Cox

What a yucky snow/rain/sleet event we’ve had. There are many downsides to this sort of weather event. One I have to deal with is that heavy wet snow will collect on the chicken wire roof (there to exclude marauding hawks) and start to weigh it down. A lot. Stretching the elasticity of both the wire […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

This is the first year that we’ve had any grapes to speak of. I still haven’t managed to trellis the vines on the barn and various out buildings the way I plan to, but I have started pruning them. Next year, the trellising…. Meanwhile, these growing on the corner of the barn were delicious. Most […]