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Stuart prefers fresh snow-melt

Posted on by Anne Cox

Stuart is one cat who doesn’t mind wading in water or being out in the rain even. Lately our weather pattern has been snow — and wind, oh the wind — on the weekend, followed by rain on Tuesday. Makes for a lot of runoff, melting snow, refreezing snow and rain and grand puddles. This […]

Multi-use table

Posted on by Anne Cox

We have one warm spot in the house and it is the main room, which is the kitchen/dining area near the wood stove. It’s where we all live in the winter, though sometimes it gets a bit crowded on the table. And yes, we do evict the cats when we eat. Really, we do.

“Wild” life in the snow

Posted on by Anne Cox

Ella and Maggie get frisky in the snow. Well. young Maggie is usually frisky, but Ella (not old, but more middle-aged respectable) gets crazy in new snow. Here we are on our morning woods walk. And Bruce. This is when all his extra insulation makes a difference. Not that he was slowed down at all […]

Tree frog in the winter

Posted on by Anne Cox

Somewhere in this mosh of succulents that I brought in for the winter there is a tree frog. Most afternoons, sometimes during the night and really anytime it feels like it, it lets loose a loud EEP EEP EEP, letting us know that it is still here. I haven’t found it yet. And we went […]

Victorian cat

Posted on by Anne Cox

Albert knows how to spend a winter’s day. All the cats do, actually. A very Victorian looking scene  in our rather non-Victorian house.

Tractor ready for another year

Posted on by Anne Cox

We had our annual autumn, well, early winter, servicing on the tractor this week. Various filters replaced, cleanings, adjustments, fluid changes, an inner tube installed on a front tire with a chronic leak and close to $500 later we’re ready to roll for another year. I hope. We’re at 728 hours on the tractor and […]

Leaves before the storm

Posted on by Anne Cox

By all reports Hurricane Sandy is coming this way. And the wind is starting to pick up. I thought I’d get out and document some of the great autumn leaves left in the yard before they all blow away. Most radiant right now is the enkianthus off the twiggery deck. It is lit from within […]

Maggie on the job

Posted on by Anne Cox

Maggie has been learning how to be a supervisor on our various landscaping jobs. One of the things Ella — the older poodle supervisor — has taught her is to always find the highest point. She did this week. We always do better work when the poodle girls are on site!

Baby snapping turtle!

Posted on by Anne Cox

Every year around the summer solstice the great old snapping turtle emerges from the marsh, finds our mulch pile, and lays her clutch of eggs there. And every year we try to note where she does this so we don’t disturb them. We’ve seen the eggs, but we’ve never seen any babies. Until yesterday. We […]