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Operation Relocation complete

Posted on by Anne Cox

Porcupines are pretty slow-moving creatures. So when our favorite new local resident showed up at the pleached apples today, it was fairly easy to trap it in a small garbage can. Lid on, loaded into the truck, tied in place. We were off to an undisclosed (though hopefully far enough away from here) location with […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

First we have a mysterious blob in the pleached apples. Turns out a young porcupine has decided the apples are tasty treats. Great. We have everything a little porcupine — which is quite cunning and cute up close — would want: old apples, lots of good bark, sheds to hide under, and who knows what […]

During an ice storm

Posted on by Anne Cox

We’re into our third day of an ice storm right now. Or not really a storm, more like a siege, with temperatures hovering around freezing and rain, or sleet, or freezing rain, or drizzle, or freezing drizzle falling. We have ventured out only as we have needed to with the dogs or to attend to […]

Prometheus moths

Posted on by Anne Cox

Several prometheus moths have shown up in one of the hoop houses. Very nifty. Okay, I didn’t know they were prometheus moths right away, but with a little bit of searching I found them. The brown ones are female, I learned, and the males of black (I haven’t seen any of the guys out there […]

Cats in the garden

Posted on by Anne Cox

We have four cats circulating about our grounds. Their primary designated task is rodent control, and they do a fair job of it. Then they have additional duties: garden accessories, greeters, scouts. Emmett has a talent for being the perfect garden ornament. The perfection of the ginger cat, is what he says. I do love […]

Board of supervisors

Posted on by Anne Cox

Ella, Magie and Sylvia were on the job yesterday. Ella is doing a good job of teaching the younger two their jobs as supervisors of the humans. What is important is to find the highest point, and to keep an eye on everyone at all times, which is sometimes difficult when people are around corners. […]

Spring peepers

Posted on by Anne Cox

The weather is still a bit nippy, and yesterday’s wind chill was fierce. Regardless, the peepers yesterday afternoon were striking up their chorus. This is the first time I’ve tried this, but click on “peepers movie” (not much of a movie, just a few seconds) for the sound by the pond. If this spring progresses […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

Albert, a.k.a. The Prince of Darkness (for many reasons, but primarily because of his propensity for staying out all night in the summer) has a new favorite place. Mainly it’s inconvenient when I’m watering. As the dried leaves indicate, appropriate watering and care for this Meyer Lemon has been an issue this winter. Now there’s […]