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Posted on by Anne Cox

I would have had this post a bit earlier, but I got uber-creative and managed to wipeout this entire website. Fortunately Jim Dugan and the folks at fatcow got it back up again. Onward.

Sunday was a day for canning some of our harvest. Particularly tomatoes.

First there was the cleaning and sterilizing of the jars.

Then filling them with tomatoes.

While the jars of tomatoes were in their boiling water bath, I started cooking down fig preserves from a recipe that my mother must have clipped from the newspaper many years ago. Bulah Baker’s fig preserves.

At the end of the day: two dozen quarts of tomatoes and a dozen little jars of fig preserves (plus a pint and a half that didn’t get into the canning bath and are in the refrigerator to have right now).

Yay. The next canning project will probably be tomato sauce. Or just more tomatoes. Or maybe pickled peppers. — A. C.

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