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Posted on by Anne Cox

stewartia on groundThe stewartia is in full bloom, which means the spent blossoms are carpeting the ground beneath the tree. They look like a mess of frilly fried eggs tossed on the ground. This is a very satisfactory tree, one that I was hoping would manage well in our climate, and it has grown admirably during the last six years or so. The bark and the seed capsules are interesting in the winter, the foliage is nice and fresh and neat, so the tree is interesting all year.

new dawn The other treat blooming right now is the new dawn rose our friends Paul and Cathy gave us three years ago. They took a cutting from a plant I had admired and rooted it for us. What I lovely rose. And while the fragrance with the new dawn is not overwhelming, there are so many blooms just now one gets a sweet scent of rose when walking by. Not many chicken coops have such a nice corner.

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