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Blooming trees

Posted on by Anne Cox

crabapple closeupcrabapple close up 2crabapple explosioncrabapples in afternoon
The crabapples were at peak beauty yesterday. In the morning a little less than half of the buds had popped open, and by afternoon I think they all were open, or at least 90%. I still miss the fourth in this line. Early on after I’d planted them it just gave up the ghost. So the huge ornamental rhubarb, which is fascinating all by itself, has taken its spot. I also miss the honey bees. In the past we’ve had neighbors with bees, and these trees have been humming, not to mention what happened the year i made my foray into beekeeping. Maybe it’s getting time to try again.

Elizabeth from a distanceElizabeth close up

Elsewhere on the property I have been watching the Elizabeth magnolia unfold, and have stuck my nose into every bloom I can reach. One thing I do miss about living in the south is the huge evergreen Magnolia grandifolias, their impressive blossoms and their intoxicating scent. Elizabeth is as close as I can get here, at least in terms of the sent and the size of the blooms. And with still cool, overcast conditions for the next several days, we should be able to enjoy this show for awhile. Next up in the bloom rota I think will be the rhododendrons. Their buds are starting to show color around the edges.

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