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A minor miracle

Posted on by Anne Cox

What an impossible project this one on Vinalhaven Island seemed. The building was sitting on a pile of rubble among ledge. The rubble rocks had been brought in to build a road and work pad for the construction. All of the native sod had been stripped out and piled up in big chunks around the […]

Opening Weekend

Posted on by Anne Cox
Icicle rug

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Three rugs from this winter’s work left the gallery this weekend. Quite astonishing to have sold three on our opening weekend. This Icicle Rug is a reminder of the winter past. The Joy rug, another little one, is just that. And then this Long Cove rug, one of the larger ones from this winter, and […]

I passed!

Posted on by Anne Cox

There is a new requirement (as of April 1 of this year) in the state of Maine that agricultural producers who sell more than $1000 of produce must be licensed by the Maine Board of Pesticide Control. It does’t matter if you use only organic practices, the size of your operation, anything. You have to […]


Posted on by Anne Cox

Ten pounds of seed ginger arrived from Biker Dude, of Puna Organics in Hawaii. I like that the box said “keep from the cold” as it leaned up against the outside door with temperatures just below freezing. But not to worry. The ginger was fine. This will be the fourth year I’ve presprouted and grown […]

Still winter

Posted on by Anne Cox

Winter continues to hold on. Rather tenaciously, given the -17 temperature this morning and the deep covering of snow everywhere. Some places we just have three feet, some places five, and then don’t even think about the huge mountains lining the parking areas and the drive through the nursery area. Nonetheless, before the last little […]

Much to learn

Posted on by Anne Cox

This week’s lesson seems to be that each finished painting — if any are ever finished since I’ve noticed that I see ways to improve and tweak and change everything I’ve done — is the result of at least three paintings. I had an idea of painting the simple beauty of trees surrounded by snow, […]

Learning to paint

Posted on by Anne Cox

This winter I decided to teach myself to oil paint. I’ve never painted really. There was the flirtation with oils when I was nine or ten years old. Just because someone gave me a set of oil paints. I hated what I did then, so decided to stick with drawing. And in Design Fundamentals in […]

Working until we can’t

Posted on by Anne Cox

We have a landscaping job in Tenants Harbor that has been a long time in the planning process. We were able to get started on some earthwork and some planting this Fall. And now, Jason Turnbull and friends, of Inca Stone Work, are pressing on with some of the rock work for the project. They […]