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Another rustic railing

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Last year I made a rustic railing for a bridge on a property where we work in Waldoboro. The owners liked it and asked for another one on a second bridge. After finding the right wood (cedar), I finally managed to make the railing this week.

On the first day I only had enough time in the afternoon to lug all the wood to the site and start cutting the support posts to length.

Day two involved notching all of the posts to fit over the sides and starting to put together the structure of the railing. Aside from the posts most of the wood I had to work with from this particular tree was very loopy and wavy. I was not liking the way this was turning out at the end of this day.

Day three (after the interlude of a day of rain) was just a long morning of work to bring everything together and beef it up.

I like some of the details as I tried to make this seem like the branches had just grown this way as if by magic, weaving around and under each other to make a railing.

Hopefully the owners will like this. They will see it for the first time on Sunday.

Oh, did I mention that it was a beautiful spot in which to be working?

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