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All closed in

Posted on by Anne Cox

india sliding roof capYesterday we did it: the finishing touches on closing in the greenhouse. There are still little details to attend to, but it is now snug and warm inside. The last thing was the ridge cap. We already had rain and snow shield taped along the ridge. This was just added insurance. John constructed a 28′ plus long cap out of cedar and the trick was to get it up there. Using two different ladders, three people and a ten foot pole, we got the thing about two-thirds on by just pushing very slowly, until it hit a snag. There was nothing doing but for India to take off her shoes, climb up and slide along the ridge to lift the cap over the rib that was hanging it up. (Not OSHA approved.) She’d already been the one who had put the rain and snow shield a couple of weeks ago, so was the obvious choice for the job.

roof cap in place But then we had it. The cap was on. John has it screwed down as far as he can reach from both ends, and we’ll tack it in the middle on another less windy day. Oh, did I say it was windy? An added degree of difficulty.

But here’s the wonderful thing: inside was toasty warm. Lovely. A thing of beauty. I am indeed fortunate to have so many creative, capable people working to make this happen.

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