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Adam’s latest rock project

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Last Fall the client built a barn, and had the contractor pile up rocks to retain the slope that had to be cut away for the barn. Let’s just say that one member of the household in particular was not happy with the look.

So we tackled the project. First up was help from Doug Gammon and his excavator to reshape the slope, deal with a culvert issue and set the larger rocks.

Then Adam Fearing (with a bit of help from Mike the first day) went to work.

Nice progress.

(I know I need to get back when the sun is at a better angle for pictures, but this does give an idea of what’s happening there.)

Adam has become a good and creative rock worker. Because of the other ways stone has been used on this property we didn’t want the wall to be too refined, so he refrained from cutting or shaping any of the rock. It works and fits with the feel of the site.

We’ll be ready to plant in the terrace area between the two walls next week.

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