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Adam just before leaving for California

Posted on by Anne Cox

Adam Fearing, who has worked with us for the last four years, just left for a new adventure in California.While I wish him all success there I secretly (alright, not so secretly) hope that he’ll decide he’d rather be here in Maine working with Hedgerow. My guess, however, is that he will be quite successful where he is and will enjoy all the snowboarding he can in Tahoe.

We spent the last few weeks he worked with us reflecting on the wide variety of projects and tasks he’d found himself doing with us. So quite fitting that in his last week we asked him to remove the wisteria that was threatening to eat the pergola and house on a new property where we are working. As usual, he performed the task ¬†quite well, and with a positive sense of adventure (no way I was going to climb up on that pergola!).


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