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A terrace garden at the end of June

Posted on by Julie Wortman

One of the gardens on Islesboro that we’ve been developing over the past few years in on four (or maybe it’s five, depending on how one counts) levels. When we first arrived the garden had a few peonies and thousands of poppies mixed in with weeds, along with climbing hydrangeas along the walls. We pulled the poppies and weeds, kept the hydrangeas and peonies, and have added and massaged the gardens every year.


Hauling plants, garden debris and compost up and down the steps is a task. But they look good.


While the peonies tend to be through blooming by the end of June, the rest of the garden is timed to provide a display in July and August, the main months when the clients are in residence.


We’ve learned that the challenge of this site is keeping it well watered in dry summers, as this one seems to be, and choosing plant material that is able to withstand the winter winds and cold.


In spots where plants didn’t survive the winter we’ve added a number of annuals this year, many of which I started from seed in our greenhouse. I look forward to seeing how they perform, especially the gentian salvia.

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