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A screen and flowers for a wedding

Posted on by Julie Wortman

A question with outdoor weddings is often how to frame the couple couple getting married, to give some dimension to the vast outdoor space.

Rather than a traditional arbor, this couple opted for an open screen. I made this rustic screen last week to stand behind them. And we added some Japanese maples and shrubs from the nursery to help ground the screen.

We provided the flowers for the wedding tent as well. Some tall arrangements,

and 14 smaller ones for the dinner tables, with “sea glass” colors. Fortunately the last of the larkspur held on for the event as did the lavender and cream sweet peas.

I liked this one with the hydrangeas, veronicastrum and cattails.

By all accounts, the event was wonderful. And the food, provided by our friends at Green Bean, was fantastic.

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