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A project in Hope

Posted on by Anne Cox

We have just finished a project in Hope. The task was to create an entrance to the house and an area for perennials. The site has lovely long views down toward Alford Lake, but is also very exposed and windy.

before 1after 1
before 2after 2
before 3after 3

before 4after 4
And now for a few of the details involved in the project. First there were the large boulders from the property that Jon Smith carefully pulled out from the edge of the woods and placed.
jon in excavator
Then there was the wall the Adam and Alex built from rocks they gathered from the edge of the field on the property. We had to bring in the flat stone for the walkway, but all the rest of the rock came from the site.walk and wall
And then some trees, shrubs, perennials. Oh, and a drain we found we needed to add after a big rain. It turns out the field is very clayey and loves to hold water.planting perennialsrock grouping
There is enough complexity in the project to have interesting details here and there. In time, the homeowners will add more perennials and enjoy the garden. I look forward to seeing it mature and emerge.

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