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A minor miracle

Posted on by Anne Cox

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What an impossible project this one on Vinalhaven Island seemed. The building was sitting on a pile of rubble among ledge. The rubble rocks had been brought in to build a road and work pad for the construction. All of the native sod had been stripped out and piled up in big chunks around the property.

It’s true, a number of times during the planning and design phase of this, not to mention the installation, I despaired. How to settle this building on the top of a pile of rock back into the landscape. After much hard work, and not a little material, both soil and plants, I think we are getting there. All of the plants — once established — should handle the dry conditions on the top of the mountain, and many of them are the same plants growing there already.

Doug Gammon brought his excavator out and spent three days cleaning the  site and restoring it to something closer to the original terrain. He scraped up yards of excess rock and filled the odd pit on the site, moved boulders around, found gravel to help with grading the site, brought in loam and began giving us a place that could support plants.

Wes Reed set a small patio, steps, landing stones, a small retaining wall and stepping stones, all with local granite.

Miraculously we managed to get over to the island on the first ferry each day we took the truck out packed with material.

On planting day Carla, Lil, Chrystal, Alex, Ethan and Pat joined in and at the end of the day the place was starting to look very different. Now, all we need to do is keep watering until everything is established. Fingers crossed.
process 1 sod cleaning process 2 stone moving process 3 loaming process 4 rockwork process 5 planting process 5 trucking process 6 finding spots process 7 mulching and seeding

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