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A finished project

Posted on by Anne Cox

This Spring we tackled a redesign of a landscape. Jon Smith of Rockers brought in boulders and did the earthwork for us, we moved shrubs, removed shrubs, added plants. While the plantings are still new and will take a few years to settle in and fill out, the bones are in place.cady before 1cady after 1
cady before 2cady after 2
One of the issues we worked to address was how first time visitors to the property will know which door to go to. Time will tell if we got that right, but at least the port couchere is no longer obscured by shrubs.cady before 3cady after 3
cady before 3bcady after 3b
The view looking back through the port couchere has changed as well.
cady after 4cady before 4
Looking over the wall surrounding the shade garden patio, we moved shrubs so we could open up the long view.

cady after 5cady before 5
The sunken garden, as seen from the patio/porch area has a different backdrop now.

cady before 7cady after 7
And a few of the details of things we have moved or added.

cady steps detailcady moved shrubs detail

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