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A butterfly and hummingbird garden

Posted on by Anne Cox

fritz full gardenWe have been helping the owners of this house develop their gardens for several years now. The plantings are all geared toward nectar plants for butterflies and hummingbirds. And it’s working: the place was alive when I was there last week.This is a different, more cottage-y style than I tend to work in, so it has been fun. I planted a new section, hoping that in time it will fill in and carry the lively lushness that is already established.

With any luck this area on both sides of a removeable fence panel will fill in and pull the garden right from the house to the barn. fritz just plantedThere is a honey suckle vine starting to twine around the pickets, and a new dawn rose that should begin to cover one end of the fence: that will really settle everything in. The trick here is that I planted perennials that can be removed fairly easily, ones that don’t resent transplanting, as this removeable panel is the only way to access the back of the property with equipment, and we need to keep that as an option.

I am enjoying seeing this whole property develop and mature.fritz view in

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