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A busy day

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Yesterday was a busy day for the Hedgerow team.

First, Laura, Joan, Novelle and Julie restored a perennial border, cleared a weedly patio and put the finishing touches on an extensive property whose owners are arriving this weekend. No photos of this transformation, but the team pulled it off! And had time for a maintenance visit at another property.

Then, Adam and Inga worked on fitting together the pieces on this landing that runs between two doors and the cellar bulkhead in Tenants Harbor. A giant puzzle with irregular and very heavy pieces.

I was off on my own finishing this rustic railing (just in the nick of time as its due date is in three days).

Looks like it’s always been there?

Well, it will once the freshly sawn butt ends weather a bit.

I’m proud of what our team can do in a day!

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